• Durability: Beyond Supersonic

    Durability: Beyond Supersonic

    SHARKSKIN coatings are applied at supersonic speeds. Almost three times the speed of sound.

  • Our Strength: Hydrogen

    Our Strength: Hydrogen

    Environmentally friendly hydrogen is the preferred fuel for the SHARKSKIN process. It burns clean, leaving no impurities, ensuring maximum strength.

  • Strong and Resilient

    Strong and Resilient

    SHARKSKIN is an extremely high quality HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) coating.

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SHARKSKIN is applied to metal at a speed of 3200 feet per second. A precise mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and argon gases are pressurized, ignited, and expelled at high velocity with mixture of pure tungsten carbide particles heated to more than 4000 degrees farenheit. At the point of impact with the parts being coated, the super heated particles are travelling at a speed beyond Mach 1 ( the sound barrier ).


SHARKSKIN is an extremely high quality HVOF ( High Velocity Oxygen Fuel ) coating.
Our mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Argon gas guarantees a contaminant free finish. Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen burns completely clean and leaves behind no trace elements, which could compromise the integrity of the carbide finish.


Our unique digitally controlled application process guarantees a consistent product that is second to none. The key is control. We utilize Jet Kote III Technology to ensure a smooth even spray pattern with every pass. We also use infrared thermal sensors to monitor the surface temperature of parts during the coating process to prevent overheating and distortion or warping. The result is a finish that is exactly the right thickness across the entire surface of every part, every time, ensuring maximum durability.

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