• Location: Ideal

    Location: Ideal

    We are just minutes from the U.S. border and ship anywhere in the world.

  • Our Lab: Clean

    Our Lab: Clean

    Cleanliness is imperative to ensure quality. Our facility is so clean it looks more like a laboratory. In fact we do conduct experiements and research on site as part of our product development program.


The state of the art SHARKSKIN facility is located in the heart of the North America manufacturing district: Wallaceburg Ontario Canada.  We are located just 15 minutes from the U.S. border and ship worldwide.  It doesn’t matter if you need parts in Alaska, Alberta, Texas, Mexico, Venzuela or Kuwait, we will get them to you…fast.


Our building is protected by a cutting edge security and alarm system. That means any proprietary parts in our posession are protected.  The compound is always locked, visitors are required to check any recording equipment at the door before being escorted through our facility, and the building is always monitored by the security system.


Our facility is so clean it looks more like a laboratory than a metal coating facility.  In fact we do conduct on site research and experiments, as part of our product development.  Cleanliness is an important part of ensuring a pure product, and a safe working environment for our team.


We have gone above and beyond government safety regulations.  The SHARKSKIN facility is equipped with an automated gas monitoring system.  In addition every member of the team has been trained in hydrogen gas awareness and safety protocols.  When it comes to safety, we do it right.

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